The Focus of P2EB FEB UGM

a. Macro Economic, Global, Modern Financial Sectors (derivative products, supervisory agencies)
Fiscal Policy, decentralization, and Taxation
Public Financial Management
b. Climate Change and Energy Sectors
c. Economic and Syariah Finance
d. Creative Economic
Business Development and SMEs
Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment
e. Economi Modeling and Risk
Risk Management
Macro and micro economics model
f. Business Development, Corporate Governance Issues, and Reporting Standard
Corporation Policies: IPO, Business Ethics, Human Resources, Investment, Strategic Business
Code of conduct
Standard of Accounting
g. Social Development
Anti-Poverty Strategy
h. Center for Foof Coporate Governance
Governance Laboratory
Promoting Governance
Fighting Corruption
i. Syariah Center
Developing Syariah Business Practices
Developing Economic Theories in Islam way
Trainings on Syariah Business and Islamic Economic
j. Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs/MKN) Center
Developing SMEs
SMEs Consultation
Business Incubator
k. Business Communication center
Improving Communication Skills in Business
Improving English Skills
Business Negotiation
Public Speaking
l. Tax and Fiscal Policy Center