Vision and Mission


To be a highly reputable and reliable training and research institution that can be a driving motor for FEB UGM as a research oriented faculty.


  • To build the reputation of P2EB FEB UGM as a reference for methods, process and results of policies, studies, advocacy, and social services.
  • To increase the trust of stakeholders through integrity and professionalism.

To make P2EB FEB UGM a driving motor for the development of faculty research through (1) improving the synergy between the development of theories and that of applied; (2) updating the methods and the topics of researches, trainings, publications, and consultation of the academic society for broadening the way of thinking and improving the skills and ability to teach; (3) providing supports and facilities for the development of thinking, methods, and theories of the academic society of FEB UGM in the field of economics and business