The Focus of P2EB FEB UGM

  1. Macro Economic, Global, Modern Financial Sectors (derivative products, supervisory agencies)
    • Fiscal Policy, decentralization, and Taxation
    • Public Financial Management 
  2. Climate Change and Energy Sectors 
  3. Economic and Syariah Finance 
  4. Creative Economic
    • Business Development and SMEs
      • Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment
  5. Economi Modeling and Risk 
    • Risk Management
      • Macro and micro economics model
  6. Business Development, Corporate Governance Issues, and Reporting Standard
      • Corporation Policies: IPO, Business Ethics, Human Resources, Investment, Strategic Business
      • Code of conduct
      • Standard of Accounting
  7. Social Development 
      • SSN
      • Anti-Poverty Strategy
  8. Center for Foof Coporate Governance
      • Governance Laboratory
      • Promoting Governance
      • Fighting Corruption
  9. Syariah Center
    • Developing Syariah Business Practices
      • Developing Economic Theories in Islam way
      • Trainings on Syariah Business and Islamic Economic
  10. Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs/MKN) Center
    • Developing SMEs
      • SMEs Consultation
      • Business Incubator
  11. Business Communication center
    • Improving Communication Skills in Business
      • Improving English Skills
      • Business Negotiation
      • Public Speaking
  12. Tax and Fiscal Policy Center